You’re Beautiful


I’m not just saying it to get laid. I don’t say it enough. Honestly. Woman, you’re hot. Oh, come on. Don’t be shy like that. All of those fine things you adorn yourself with are tiny sprinkles on my luscious cupcake.

Well, your hair, for one, is silky marvelous. It feels like satin flowing between my fingers. My hair, I could probably use to scrub a pan with, but yours I could curl up and sleep in. Sure, it tickles my nose sometimes as we spoon–a small price to pay. Sorry, I can’t stop touching it.

“What else?” you ask. Ah, look who is fishing for compliments now. I kid. Actually, I could go on for hours since I haven’t even made it down to your eyes, which are exceptionally expressive. Through them, I can read your mind. I’ve often been with vacant eyes, so I appreciate the beauty and transparency of yours. Right now, they love me a little more it seems. Lucky me!

Your button nose is like a toy for me. I want to poke and nibble it. Your ears too. They’re so cute–like soft jelly candies. And, how could I go any further without mentioning your marshmallow lips? I miss them when you’re away.

I hear you sometimes say you don’t feel sexy, but I never see that side of you. From every angle, you’re an angel and I’m burning to share your cloud.

I wish my skin were half as soft as yours is. Your neck holds the scent I can’t get enough of. Your curves are perfect. The way your back narrows like a cascading flow to the luscious curves below drives me crazy. Thoughts of you distract me.

It’s funny how you’re always concerned about stubble on your legs. It doesn’t bother me at all. Caressing you is unavoidable, no matter how long it has been. Maybe this is odd, but watching you shave gets me going.

You know I’m not a foot person, but yours are too cute to ignore. You love when I rub them, so let me do that for you. I don’t care what TV silliness has my attention. You plop down next to me with lotion anytime, and I got your back (and feet).

That’s enough for now. I can’t lay it on too thick or I’ll desensitize you. Remember this:

When you’re not around and I’m struggling, bored, or blue, thoughts of you get me through.

I love you.

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