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I went to see Black Swan last week and enjoyed it. Some scenes were disturbing and some were sexy. What surprised me was when the woman I was with described the artistic director role (played by Vincent Cassel) as both ugly and sexy. The role came with a deep French accent and was sexist and manipulative. I couldn’t find one feature other than his height that could possibly be attractive. I’m still stumped.

There are no spoilers here. The movie contained a predictable plot and ending. I enjoyed the subtle effects and yes, Natalie has a unique combination of innocence and sexiness. Few would disagree with me there. But, how can anything about her boss be sexy? He was overly demanding, he took advantage of his role as her boss, and he made sexual advances toward her that would land the average man in prison. And that was sexy? Really?

Maybe women secretly enjoy playing a submissive role occasionally. Some like it rough, I guess. Perhaps women get turned on by a man’s physical strength and the power coming from holding an influential position. His artistic talent is so admired that his flaws can be overlooked. I still don’t get it.

I don’t find powerful women to be sexy at all unless they are somewhat attractive and kind. A woman condescending toward me the way the director was toward his ballerina would repulse me beyond words. I had a few female bosses on man-hating power trips in the past and found them as attractive as rotten oysters.

Physically, the director wasn’t completely repulsive; I admit it. Still, he wore turtlenecks, had huge sacks under his eyes, and sported a man-fro. Maybe he’s sexy in the same way Hugh Laurie from House M.D. is. The unpolished edges and scruff seem to draw women in. The way he treated the cast really had me wondering how people maintain any sanity in similar real-life roles. I guess artistic geniuses get free passes–not from me.

So, what is it, ladies? How can such an evil man be sexy? Is this what makes vampires so popular? Is this how Jesse James, even with his pre-pubescent voice, can reel in a princess like Sandra?

Maybe I’m too nice. Perhaps I should cultivate more chin-grays and turn my nose up at the women I consider out of my league. I may be too kind, accommodating, and submissive. Do you want a gentleman or a rough-edged man? Or, do you want one type of man in public and another in the bedroom? How can a man who doesn’t treat you properly be sexy? Let me in on the joke–please!

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