The debate about multiple partners.


When is it OK to have multiple sexual partners? I have a hard enough time finding one; that’s why I’m asking. I guess if you’re having emotionless sex, it’s fathomable to go there as variety could be the attraction. Depending on the mood you can pick a lover to fit.

When deciding on today’s man, she could select:

  • The young boy with stamina, because she’s up for a workout or he’s better for daytime sex when the lights can’t be dimmed.
  • The ex, because he knows her special places.
  • The coworker, because it’s naughty.
  • The married guy she met at the bar last week because he’ll leave her alone afterward.
  • The high school sweetheart, so she can show how much she improved at the sex thing.
  • The bartender, to keep the free drinks flowing.
  • The yoga instructor, since he seems so pliable.
  • The other ethnicity, because it’s there.

When deciding on today’s woman, he could select:

  • The young girl, who will be clumsy, stoned, and an image he’ll be able to recall and use when he’s with Ms. Notsofirm.
  • The older woman, who is typically more of a cockologist and less of a pregnancy risk.
  • The career woman, who goes from VP to freak when she lets her hair down.
  • The neglected wife, who is so tired of her husband’s nonsense that she’s about to sexually explode.
  • The neighborhood man-hater, who walks three dogs at a time and claims she doesn’t need a man, which we all know is untrue.
  • The larger girl, who works harder with fewer expectations.
  • The diamond-in-the-rough, who has something sexy hiding under her frumpiness.
  • The drunk chick, who he’ll need to sprint-fuck to get her done and gone before she passes out or launches waves of pink puke onto his comforter.

One is enough for me and one more than I have. *sigh* Still, my barroom bud is retired, living off his inheritance, and plowing women like Chicago snow. He doesn’t hide it and makes no excuses. A woman confronted him about it last night and I sat between them enjoying the volley.

“Do these women know you’re sleeping with others.”
“Are you at least using condoms.”
“You’re disgusting.”
“Why? We all get checked every six months. It’s safe and fun. As soon as any of them get too serious I cut them loose.”
“You either have a small penis you’re compensating for or you’re demented.”
“My penis isn’t small; it’s happy. You probably haven’t been laid since Jimmy Carter.”
“I’m a very sexual woman, but I’m also careful. Sex to me is intimate and I need to get to know someone before I go there.”
“Your loss.”
“What happens if one of these women starts sleeping with other men?”
“If I don’t know about it, it doesn’t happen.”

This banter went on for hours. Oddly enough, I suspect he took her home and knocked the bottom out of her. When she acted disgusted by him, I could tell she was acting. I wonder what the allure is.

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