Have you been sucker-punched by life yet?

“Jesus, what have you gotten into now?”

That’s the question I’ve heard most in my life. Look, I’m still trying to figure out this thing called “life.” I’m no expert. All I know is I’ve taken a few beatings, and from those beatings, I have learned:

  • I don’t like beatings.
  • While unavoidable, beatings are less painful when you see them coming.

What are you doing right now? Take inventory. Do you have one job, one lover, one phone battery, etc.? If you have one job, what would you do if your boss walked in right now and took it from you? Sure, you’d go find another job. Not always so easy. I got “whacked” about fifteen years ago, and was lucky enough to get nine months of pay to take with my box of belongings. Sure, I eventually found another job, but it certainly wasn’t easy. And, that nine months of “please don’t sue us” pay didn’t last very long.

Looking back, I decided I’m not going to let that happen again. I’m not going to be left holding a box of family pictures, CDs, and mugs, wondering where to go, and what to do. That feeling of being powerless sucks monkey butt.

So, here’s what I do today:

  • Write and self-publish books.
  • Market those books as well as generate leads for real estate, mortgage, and insurance.
  • Consult marketing strategies for other companies.
  • Maintain websites that promote eBooks for my fellow authors.
  • Sell electronic cigarettes.
  • Sell yoga mats and towels.
  • Do notary side jobs.

Diverse, no doubt, and some would say I’m a “Jack of all trades, master of none.” Perhaps. But, I’ve found the time and dedication it takes to master one trade creates a vulnerability. If that one trade fails–which is often not due to any fault of your own–you’re left exposed.

I watch friends follow similar paths, but seek shortcuts such as multilevel marketing (MLM) opportunities. Jewelry, cosmetics, sports drinks, and others come and go, constantly leaving trails of broke people stuck with useless inventory, and a handful of rich people who were first in, and now have no friends.

Look, you might have a secure job or relationship. You might think you do, and one day be shocked to realize you don’t. That’s when unprepared people sometimes look for the exits. Or, you might feel secure because you have options. Fail quickly, shift your resources, and try again.

You need to be sucker-punched by life numerous times before you’ll see my perspective.

I’m not suggesting you keep four mates, either. That’s impractical. Maybe consider refraining from being totally invested in one person, place, or thing is all I’m suggesting. Some people will consider you to be detached and noncommittal. Meh. So what? Faith isn’t such a virtue. If someone needs solitary faith and commitment to behave and be happy, fine. If someone else wants variety, all good. I’m simply suggesting that as people mature they find one basket of eggs is easily scrambled.

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