I rarely meet women who admit to having one-night stands. I’ve had some, so I was either probing aliens or dreaming. Anyway, one may wonder what it’s like for a man and how, what seems so wrong to most women, can be so alluring to most men. Don’t hate the player, ladies, just don’t play the game if it doesn’t suit you.

So, what’s it like? Well, it’s primal and exciting, for the most part. Physically, it’s ordinary at best–similar to mutual masturbation, perhaps. For many men there’s pride in the conquest, but shallow fulfillment. Without an emotional connection it can only be so good. It might beat beating off, but the post-game guilt and worry can linger.

Perhaps the social stigma around being “easy” deters most women. That’s too bad. Society shouldn’t decide what’s good for every person. If a woman enjoys sampling a variety of men, what’s the harm in that? She may have suffered through years of subpar sex from neglectful men. Maybe she’s ready to take her new sexy, single body for some trips around the block. I say, “Bravo, my sweet. Ladies, start your engines!”

The sex during a one-night stand is usually awkward. No doubt, the alcohol involved can both help and hinder. Sometimes there’s begging involved just before penetration as the man desperately tries to justify the tryst and woman tries to deflect the flesh poker. (“Wax on, wax off.”)

“I know you want to. Come on, let’s be naughty.”

[Tugging at her panties.]

“Yes, I want to, but it’s probably not a good idea. I hardly know you.”

[Playfully swatting his hand away.]

“But, there’s this great chemistry between us. I can’t resist.”

[Rubbing his manhood against her thigh.]

“You just want to get laid. I could be any woman lying here.”

[Sizing him up, but she’s not going there yet. Turning away so he can spoon her.]

“That’s not true. I’m not that kind of guy. I like you … a lot.”

[Poking her back now, kissing her neck, and cupping her breasts.]

“Why don’t we just cuddle and make out? We can leave our underwear on to be safe.”

[Turning around to face him, pulling his hands down to her hips, and trying to kiss him.]

“OK, but this will just make me want you more. Haven’t you ever wanted to be spontaneous and just go for it?”

[Wedging his hand between her thighs.]

“Of course. Still, how do I know you don’t do this every night?”

[Squeezing her legs together.]

“Trust me–it usually takes me a long time to feel comfortable enough to go there. With you, there’s a unique connection. I can’t explain it. You’re so hot and sexy to me!”

[Sliding his fingers under her panties.]

“Believe me–I want to, but I still think we should behave. There are all sorts of scary diseases around too. I’m not saying you have anything, but a girl has to be careful.”

[Pushing his hands away.]

“I’m clean, I swear. OK, look, I don’t mind using a condom.”

[Rummaging through the bedside table.]

“That’s good, but I still can’t do it quite yet. Come on, just kiss me.”

[Kissing her forehead, lying back, letting out a sigh, and pouting.]

“OK, I have to get up early anyway. Goodnight.”

Good Girl = Sad Boy

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