Love Letter

“Ambition and love are the wings to great deeds.” – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Don’t mistake my kindness for a sign of weakness, sweetness. Once I get you alone, I’ll not be a gentleman. I’ll hold you tight, pin you down, and touch you deeply. Once you’re in my grip, like a predator, my eyes will change. Your whimpering won’t dissuade me. Your resistance is just a sign for me to break through and take you … and I shall.

Love prey must be approached slowly, to avoid startling you, and chasing you farther away. No traps needed. Every night, I’m only steps away. Closer. Closer. Keep looking back. When I’m gone you don’t feel relief–you wonder where I’ve gone. Have I dined on another? Maybe. You miss me until I step from behind my guard. You see me, coming again.

In your place, I know my place. That’s the only man you know because I haven’t gotten you alone … yet. Entertain those soulless boys until you tire of their antics. I’m no boy. I wear my colors, wrinkles, and scars proudly. You’ll add more. I’ll treasure them–marks of experience. My scars remind me how far I’ve traveled to find you, how long I’ve waited to hold you, how deeply your gaze cuts me every time you see me and wonder.

When we’re finally alone, I will devour you without apology or remorse. You’ve been neglected, so my bite may take getting used to. I’ll mount and delight in every inch of you. The thought of your sweet, salty skin excites me. I’ll bind your wrists above your head with one claw, then find the places where you arch and quiver. I have a good idea where those spots are hiding. No rush. No words necessary. Your breathing changes when I’m there.

Hours before sunrise. You have all day to recover before … I take you again, my love.

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  1. My breath has quickened. My head turns, exposing my flushed neck, proffered and awaiting the graze of your teeth. Oh my!

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