Fifty Shades Shadier – Chapter Fifteen


I drive down to the Hyatt, fighting traffic all the way. I park on the level near the Blue Room and text Bea.

Mormon Silver: The package has arrived.
Bea Plastique: Ha! Is it still in its hard, protective shell?
Mormon Silver: No, luckily it has returned to its original shape.
Bea Plastique: Not lucky for me. :( Anyway, I’m running late and will be there in thirty minutes. You can go ahead in and wait for me.
Mormon Silver: I don’t have a key.
Bea Plastique: Check your email. I sent you the link and code.
Mormon Silver: OK. See you soon.
Bea Plastique: And don’t touch anything in there … yet.
Mormon Silver: Yes, ma’am.

Sure enough, I have an email from her on my iPhone. I click the link and enter the code. The door buzzes open. Fancy! I bring along my love glove. Time for exploration.

I cruise around the room, inspecting the various unfamiliar instruments. Dickhead’s paddle is still hanging on the wall. I have half a mind to take it to her mischievous butt. I didn’t realize my last time here that there are additional rooms. I find one with an actual (non-rubberized) bed, a TV, and, naturally, a mirror on the ceiling. Then, I try another door, which opens to a playroom with a pool table and an air hockey machine. Hm.

The bed looks comfy so I plop down on it and begin thumbing the remote. Thankfully, the video that comes into focus isn’t me in panties, but it is porn. There’s no limit to her kinkiness. The video shows a nude redhead wearing a masquerade mask, lying on a bed next to a tray filled with assorted lubes, fruit, and vegetables. There’s a dim, sexy candlelight flickering. I feel a twitch. Looks tasty. I know I haven’t had my six servings.

The woman is playing to the camera. She drizzles lube just above her shaven pussy and allows it to drip like syrup down her luscious lips. More twitching in my pants. Oh, boy. She smiles toward the camera as she spreads the lube with her fingers, arching her back in pleasure. The bed and room look familiar.

She begins sampling the fruit and veggie tray, as Little Mormon begs to come out and play. First, she lubes up a healthy-sized zucchini. She inserts it a few inches, pulls it out, rubs it on her love button, and reaches to the tray for another item: a yellow squash. Wow, she’s a trooper!

Then, I realize the bed in her video is the one I’m currently lying on. This was filmed here? Hot! I look beneath the TV and see a tripod stand and camera. Thank God, the camera is off. I wonder who … it couldn’t be, could it? Shit. It is. The woman in the video is my luscious Lovergirl wearing a red wig. I should have recognized her by that amazing body.

It’s hard to resist pleasuring myself while watching Lovergirl play with her food. I hear the front door buzz and welcome the voice of my vixen.

“Hello, Uncle M.”
“Hello, Lovergirl.”
“What are you up to?”
“Just checking out the Food Network. I never knew Rachael Ray was so talented, nor zucchini that versatile.”

Bea enters the bedroom and notices my lump.

“Hard still?”
“Hard again. I’m dying to see what she does with eggplant. Meanwhile,” I slide into my love glove, “somebody here was exceptionally fiendish today, and deserves a spanking.”
“Ooh, yes, I was very bad,” Bea admits as she removes her undies and dives across me, lying perpendicular across my waist. She lifts her skirt. “How many lashes shall I receive, Master?”
“Five should do. But, it will have to wait until my show is over.”

She turns her head toward me and gives that lower-lip pout I can’t resist.

“Fine,” I agree. I hit pause on the remote, turn my love glove on slow vibration, and strike her lightly on the bum.
“Was that supposed to hurt? Are you trying to punish me or tickle me?”
“I don’t think I could ever bring myself to hit a woman harder than that. Sorry, sweetness. Perhaps you would accept alternative punishment in the form of a deep vaginal massage.”
“Yes, please.”

Once again, my glove and my love–a match made in sensuality.

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