Doctor O: Alexis – Session Three

I spoke to Tonya. She was pleased with patient’s progress. Initial introduction to Gary’s man went as planned.

“Wow, Alexis, something looks different; I can’t put my finger on it.”

“Interesting choice of words, Doctor.”

“You seem to have a bounce in your step too.”

“First, thank you for introducing me to Tonya. She’s wonderful. Second, I’ve had a bit of a ‘tune-up’ as she called it.”

“What did that involve?”

“Every woman’s dream: We went shopping.”

“Ah, yes.”

“I tried on ten outfits and we selected one. Then, we visited an aesthetician, who worked wonders knocking a few years from my face.”

“You are glowing.”

“Thank you. The best part was afterward when we stopped by the Hilton’s cocktail lounge.”

“How so?”

“Tonya spoke to me about carrying myself more confidently, and it worked, instantly.”


“We weren’t there for fifteen minutes before a nice gentleman sent drinks our way. At first, I thought he was interested in Tonya. I mean, she is gorgeous.”

“… and married.”

“Right. But, then he came over and spoke with us. He was old for my tastes, but kind. He made it apparent he was interested in me.”

“Were you wearing your wedding band?”

“No. Oopsie.”

“OK, continue.”

“He was too aggressive. He kept insisting I have dinner with him. I thanked him, but let him know I was with a friend, so I couldn’t. That didn’t dissuade him.”


“He was overdoing it. Anyway, Tonya came to rescue, saying we were waiting for her husband and my boyfriend.”

“Good strategy.”

“Like you said, she’s an expert. Still, he wasn’t giving up. Then, something bizarre happened. Wait, have you spoken to Tonya?”

“No, not at all.”

“OK, well, out of nowhere this guy comes up and steps between us. He says, ‘Hi, Baby,’ grabs my hand and plants a kiss on me.”

“A friend of yours?”

“No. A complete stranger. He was stunning. Tall with short, dark hair and ebony eyes.”

“You let a stranger kiss you?”

“I know! Anyway, it worked. The creeper walked away.”

“I don’t understand. Where did this guy come from?”

“He was standing with friends behind us, and he overheard us as he watched the other guy hit on me. He said it seemed like I could use a lifeline, so he stepped in.”

DOCTOR’S NOTE: Well done, Fabrizio. Surely, the creeper was Tonya’s husband Chad. Brilliant!

“That was nice of him.”

“Right? It turns out he was here for a conference. He’s European and gorgeous. He wore a suit. Had the top button undone and his tie loosened. He winked at me and returned to his friends. I was worried I had lost him. Tonya insisted I flirt. She even instructed me on how to do it.”

“How to flirt?”

“Yes. Tonya said there are subtle things we do when we’re interested that signal our mate. Most of the time women don’t realize they’re doing them and men don’t realize they’re reacting.”

“Makes sense. What subtle things did you do?”

“I glanced and smiled at him. When I felt his eyes, I flipped my hair, exposing my neck to him. Little things like that. Tonya kept prompting me and it worked like a charm.”

“Worked how?”

“Well, he bought us a round and kept stopping by and kissing my neck and ear each time he arrived. He whispered to me that he’d have to do that often since the creeper was still in the vicinity.”

“You didn’t mind.”

“Oh, God, no. There’s something about European men. He smelled amazing too. He’d place a hand just above my hip when he greeted me. I have to admit, he stirred up something naughty within me. I guess mixing in a few Lemon Drops didn’t hurt.”

“How did the night progress?”

“We ducked into a janitor’s closet and he fucked me hard from behind.”


“Kidding. But … um … something did happen.”


“Look, I’m a married woman. I shouldn’t be entertaining these thoughts and actions. Should I?”

“That depends.”


“Whether those thoughts and actions improve you.”

“Short-term bliss could have long-term consequences.”

“Are you here to save your marriage or here to find happiness? I ask because it seems apparent to me that you probably won’t be able to do both.”

“I don’t want to hurt Mike.”

“The things you did last weekend you did for you, not to Mike.”

“I doubt he’d accept that explanation.”

“Is he aware of what happened?”

“No. Heavens, no. I’m glad we were thirty miles away. Even so, I was paranoid. Especially when I got home on Sunday and he, like you, remarked that something was different about me.”

“How did you justify the new you?”

“I said I was refreshed by spending time alone with a good book by the pool.”

“Do you want to tell me more about what happened with …”

“Fabrizio. Well, as it turned out, Tonya’s husband called and she had to leave, so I had another drink with him. We flirted and played.”

“Did anything happen?”

“I spent the night with him.”


“Is it?”

“Yes. It’s especially interesting that I don’t detect any regret.”

“I know. It’s weird. I thought I would feel regret or embarrassment, but I don’t.”

“Did you have sex?”

“Actually, no. Almost. We kissed and touched and played, but I couldn’t take that final step.”

“How did he react?”

“He was cool about it. He didn’t force things at all. I think I was the aggressor. God, what a body on that man. Ugh. You have no idea.”

“Ha ha, OK, good for you. So, what was the most exciting thing about your little adventure?”

“I’d have to say that it felt great to be noticed, pursued, wanted, and ravished. It made me feel like a new woman.”

“Excellent. Alexis, you’re coming along nicely. Let’s break here. I’m curious to see how you feel about this episode after a week goes by.”

“Oh, me too.”

Diagnosis: Confidence improving.

Treatment: See if guilt arises. Gauge husband’s reaction to the new Alexis. Suspicion?

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