A man’s guide to pain versus pleasure.

Some men are getting the wrong ideas from the Fifty Shades books. Best you clarify things with your man before he raises welts. In the odd chance that you don’t feel comfortable giving him explicit guidelines (because he may pinch you for being bossy), you can direct him to this guide and hope he absorbs useful tidbits.

Men, your women want you to be the man in the sense that you have the freedom to be sexually aggressive within reason. Such reason is established exclusively by the woman, which means it’s rarely consistent with what other women find stimulating. Use common sense, and when in doubt simply ask her. If her response is a knee to the groin, take that as a no, not a maybe.

Let’s try a few examples:

  • Joe is pounding away at Gladys missionary-style. Joe decides to muscle up with an aggressive maneuver: He withdrawals, flips Gladys over and reinserts himself– the second hole from the top, in this example. True or False: Would this be reasonable sexual aggression, likely to result in Gladys’ enjoyment combined with, perhaps, some bragging to her book club. TRUE.
  • Frank is lying on his back with arms behind his head, enjoying Lisa’s grindage. Frank allows Lisa to do all the work, similar to how he treats household chores. Frank decides to attempt a difficult maneuver by saying to Lisa–and I quote–“That’s right, you take every inch you dirty little come-bucket of a maid.” Reasonable? FALSE, and it may result in having his testicles slapped.
  • Alison is cooking dinner when Bob wanders into the kitchen to obtain beer number four. As she bends over to check the roast, Bob allows his instincts to take over. He raises her dress, drops her panties, and plows into her as the heat from the stove makes the scene resemble sauna sex. Hot? TRUE, as long a Bob does not dump the beer over her head when finished as if he won the World Series.
  • Mike has Helen pinned face-down, burying himself deep while holding her wrists together behind her back. Helen’s face is buried in a pillow, and she’s mumbling something indiscernible, which Mike assumes are muffled terms of endearment. Mike decides to take it up a notch by licking his right thumb and then burying it knuckle-deep in her fart box. Helen stops making noises. This is a good sign? FALSE. Helen is calculating when her last dump was and she’s probably going to shove an entire fist up Mike’s ass next time she blows him.
  • While doggying the pussysnot out of Joyce, Jack removes the belt from his jeans, straps it around her waist, and uses it like handlebars on a carnival ride. Then, he decides to get all rodeo on her ass as he turns his left hand under the belt, releases his right hand, and hoots and hollers “yee, ha” while smacking her on her rump. Fun for her? TRUE, just refrain from spitting any tobacco juice on your hands first.
  • Leo blindfolds his wife, Rita, and ties her to the bed. She suggested their sex life needed some spice, so he’s all in. Leo decides it would be fun to stuff various household items into her vagina and see if she can guess what they are. Every right guess gets her a Starbucks gift card. Every wrong guess gets him a beej. Rita will appreciate this: True or False? IT DEPENDS. If the household items include sterile items such as marbles, food, and soap on a rope, he may survive it. If they include utensils, baseball bats, or re-bar, probably not.

Basically, men, if what you do to her will leave little evidence that you’ve done it (such as welts, scars, stains, and bald spots), you’re probably safe. Otherwise, wait until one of your buddies tries (oh his woman, not yours) before attempting.

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