Phil Torcivia, Author
What a Nice Guy
What a Nice Guy What a Nice Guy by illustrated by Melanie Durkee
Length: 304 pages
Published: September 2011
Category: Humor › Essays

Do you know any nice guys? Perhaps you’re married to or good friends with one. Well, consider the possibility that this nice guy is so frustrated with his relationship failures that he needs to vent to keep from turning into a bad boy with anger issues. Then, try not to spit hot coffee as you read his sarcastic rants about why men and women don’t seem to fit.

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Rating:4.8 out of 5 (5 reviews.)

"Phil never ceases to make me laugh with his writing." -- Faith

"Phil is, by his own admission, a little relationship dysfunctional. What I like about this book, in addition to being fun and quite witty, is that he's honest about this." -- RJ

"I absolutely loved this book ... His writings are hilarious and random." -- Karma

"Don't be prudish; it's f**king funny!" -- MJ

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