Phil Torcivia, Author
Such a Nice Guy
Such a Nice Guy Such a Nice Guy by illustrated by Rebecca Shockley
Length: 348 pages
Published: October 2009
Category: Humor › Essays

Strip an East Coast man in his forties of his marital obligations, transplant him into San Diego, and something funny happens. Enjoy humorous anecdotes about relationships, love, sex, and lifestyles.

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Rating:4.7 out of 5 (27 reviews.)

"... a funny and informative glimpse into the minds of men that kept me highly entertained and allowed me to look at some common dating situations in a new, more comical light." -- Kristina de la Cal, BellaOnline's Dating Editor

"I believe this author gives one of the most 'it is what it is' outlooks on relationships, marriage and dating than most books out there on this subject. It is funny, shocking, eye opening, and real. It's a story about life." -- Jeanie

"I absolutely loved this book from the first line! It's fun to see where most men's minds are and where most women's minds are. It's very refreshing to learn what the men are truly thinking!" -- Cassie

"Many of the stories made me think and all of them made me laugh. If you want a book filled with wit and insights into the male world and one that is a quick read, that you can pick up and turn randomly to any story, then this is the one." -- Timothy

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